What Women Wear to Casinos

Choosing an outfit for visiting a casino varies and often depends on the casino itself. Every casino will have a specific dress code, and here is the rundown of what each one means for women’s clothing.

  • Casual

Casinos with casual clothing rules are pretty liberal and you can wear almost anything. Off limits are flip flops, crop tops, and anything that shows too much skin as you may be asked to leave.

  • Business casual

You can dress casually, but less skin is key here. A cocktail dress is the perfect outfit in this situation. Alternatively trousers, a mid-length or long skirt with a top that has a high neck are also appropriate.

  • Business formal

Imagine something you would wear to the office for an important meeting. Either a business suit or dress that is formal, with a low heel and tights.

  • Semi formal

It doesn’t sound it, but semi formal is still actually quite formal. A cocktail dress, or basically anything you might wear to a wedding is appropriate here.

  • Black tie optional

This is mostly for men so black tie optional usually means a formal cocktail dress or floor-length evening gown or formal pantsuit.

  • Black tie

The Image result for Spin Palace online casinosame as black tie optional, maybe a little more formal with evening shoes.

  • White tie

Extremely formal, and also extremely rare. Imagine dining in first class on the Titanic here. Floor-length evening gowns with accessories like a wrap, nice jewelry, and a clutch or purse.

For the most part, many of these rules are flexible and it’s very unusual to encounter the last two dress codes. Check with the casino first about what you can and can’t wear. Of course, if you’re visiting an online casino like Spin Palace online casino, you don’t need to worry about dress codes at all, as you’ll be in the comfort of your own home!