Image result for What to Wear this SummerThe summer is finally here and now comes the time to figure out what to throw on our bodies now that the cool breeze of spring is over and we can finally bare our skin to keep ourselves looking as well as feeling cool. Here’s a quick rundown of the hottest trends this summer.

  • Small sunglasses

Tuck away your bug-eyed lenses and go for a sleeker, more rectangular shape this season, reminiscent of something from an 80s music video.

  • Asymmetry

You’ll start seeing floaty skirts and dresses with asymmetrical hems everywhere. Keep those legs (sort of) air-conditioned and cool on your jaunts around town.

  • Gingham

That’s right, you get to relive your childhood school days, but this time in whatever style you want, not just what your mum picks out. From pink to yellow, green, and even black, go checked and chic with a gingham sundress.

  • Yellow

Yellow is set to be huge this summer. Go canary yellow or a muted amber and everything in between. Adding floral patterns looks super fun and summery, too. If you’re not such a fan of such a bold colour in clothes, yellow it up with your accessories instead.

  • Slogan tees

Go old school with a faded Pepsi tee, a Levi’s slogan, or basically anything. Think plain t-shirt with a simple logo or slogan on it, then tuck them into some high-waisted denim shorts for an effortlessly chic look.

  • Off the shoulder

This one’ been around since last season and seems to be staying put, too. Summer dresses and tops are still going for the cut across look to bare a little shoulder and clavicle area for some skin action. You can maybe cool it on the frills for summer, though. You may also see some off the shoulder asymmetry with one-shouldered tops and dresses combining the two looks.