It’s true that fashion is taking a turn, seemingly for the more practical. If that means making women’s clothing more like men’s (hello, real pockets!), then we’re all for it. Here is a rundown of the weird, wonderful, functional, unusual, and downright ugly fashion trends you’ll be seeing this summer.

  • Image result for Belt bagsBelt bags

Otherwise known as the “fanny pack” or “bum bag”. That’s right, the ugly 90s Disney-holiday-tourist look is seeing a resurgence. But it’s not just the name that is being rebranded. These bags can be worn across the hip area, or in sling fashion across the body. And don’t worry, they’re much cuter than they used to be, even Louis Vuitton has their own range.

  • Small sunglasses

Like something out of an 80s music video, these skinny sunglasses don’t seem to be doing much for anybody, but they do certainly look cool on the right people. It seems that those people are usually celebrities. And we don’t see any large-faced stars sporting them either.

  • Ugly sneakers

When we say ugly, we mean ugly. The type of shoes that have been at the bottom of your wardrobe since 1989 and you don’t even wear them to walk the dog, kind of ugly. Chunky, white, colourful, floppy-laced, but undeniably comfortable, we’re not so sure about this one. Watch this space.

  • Cycling shorts

Tight, comfy, elastic, and figure-hugging, these will probably divide people. Cyclists for sure will be all over them, which is a win for them. Team them with an oversized, baggy t-shirt or jumper and you’ve got yourself one comfy outfit that is also somehow fashionable.

  • Bucket hats

Super 90s and pretty ugly, but it’s important to shade yourself from the sun! And if the tiny sunglasses aren’t doing it, then you’ve got to stay safe somehow. Team with loose, beach waves for effortless holiday cool.