Summer Trends – A Shoe In To Complete The Look

Image result for Summer Trends - A Shoe In To Complete The LookFor those of you who mirror Carrie Bradshaw with a love for shoes, keeping up to date with trends in shoes is not negotiable. Shoes can transform any outfit from plain to fabulous without any effort at all. This Summer shoe trends will knock you off your feet. Where shoes are concerned, practicality is not always the main factor when selecting your favourite styles, if they bring any outfit together in harmony and create a look that will wow. The time is now to start filling your shoe closet in anticipation of the first Summer day out.

Stilettos and Ruffles Top the List

Stilettos are the most feminine heel type you can imagine and compliment any outfit perfectly. Whether you are opting for a more casual look or something more classy, stilettos can give you the look you seek. They come in such variety that you are sure to find the perfect pair for any occasion and outfit. Jewelled, glittered and a rainbow of colours will have you spoiled for choice. Ruffle heels seem to be all the rage this Summer. Quirky, frilly, playful and feminine best describes them. Not the most practical choice but one that is hard to ignore.

Combats and Sandals – Different Sides of The Scale

Combat boots may sound like the shoes for tomboys, however, feminine girls are pulling them off in style. Practical, comfortable and believe it or not, quite a casually classy addition to any outfit. Pair them with whimsical, short summer skirts or short for an effect that is perfect for a night out on the town in Summer. Sandals are the best option for days spent on sandy beaches. Quick to pull on and off and the needed protection against the scalding sand. Practical and pretty is what sandals should be. Variety is the spice of life and sandals provide you so much of it.