Rose Gold The Hottest – Lasting Trend in Fashion and Decòr

Rose gold has taken over the world- or so it seems. The colour seems to be sprayed across anything that will stand still for long enough: handbags, shoes, accessories, furnishings and cakes. If you’re in the market for a new car, you may be surprised to find that even cars are wearing the colour with pride these days. Just walking along any high-street in any country, will bring you across people flashing rose gold in many ways. Rose gold began to gain popularity in the fashion industry in around 2012. It was featured in jewellery and accessories and was a welcome addition on the catwalks.

Image result for iPhone 6SPhones Dressed for Success

Apple creation, the iPhone is a hit all over the world. In 2015 they launched the iPhone 6S which was the first sighting of the colour rose gold, from there on it has been a phenomenon that has swept the nation. The rose gold edition of the phone made up 40% of the sales of the gadget, securing the colour as a trend that would be around for a long time. The iPhone 6S was the gadget to be seen with, anyone from celebrities to average Joes had to have one and it had to be in rose gold. The colour hit infamy when it was named Pantone Colour of the Year in 2016.

Lasting Metallic Effects

Many have questioned the staying power of rose gold in the fashion and home decor industries. While the colour provides a twist of metallic and is gender neutral, it all depends on the trends and could just be a phase. A spokesperson from New Look has let it slip that they do follow advise from Pantone regarding colours that are a hit for the coming year, however, it isn’t always right on the button. As far as rose gold is concerned, if consumers want it, New Look says they’ll keep selling it.