Retro Styles – Bold Designs and Colours That Excite

Today fashion trends are in some way reminiscent of the opulence of the 80’s. Big, bold, colours and prints, retro style that seems to have matured with time. Men’s fashion of that time was loud, the statements made then still ring true today. Bomber jackets and rolled sleeves were commonplace in the 80’s as were light-wash denim and shoulder pads. While the 80’s seem almost a lifetime ago, many fashion gurus are taking the tips from the fashion of the era.

Suits, Denim and Bomber Jackets

In the 80’s wearing a suit with a t-shirt rather than a dress shirt was the fashion trend of the day. The ensemble provides a playful approach to dressing up and portrays a youthful streak in the wearer. Denim never ceases to be at the top of fashion trends. This season sees men pairing their denim delights with matching fabrics as is reminiscent of the Canadian Tuxedo. The stylish appeal of the outfit will have heads turning on every corner. The bomber jacket is the perfect garment to spice up any outfit. Keep the cool night air at bay while you add a dash of colour and boldness to even the simplest outfit.

Image result for What Else Goes This SummerWhat Else Goes This Summer

Polo shirts, tracksuits and Converse Chuck Taylors all make the summer wardrobe must-have list for 2018. Surprisingly the fanny pack has made a comeback. The practicality of a fanny pack provides any man with peace of mind that they have all they need when they need it. Let’s face it, men carry as much luggage as women these days and the pockets on your denim just aren’t big enough to accommodate it all. 2018 Brings retro back to its hay day and bigger, bolder and brighter is the new black. Embrace a style that allows your character and personality to shine through.