If you love to be on the latest trends but also hate wearing what everyone else is, vintage and second-hand shops can be great for finding a unique outfit and one-off items. You can maintain your personal touch while still staying true to the latest look book, plus you’re bound to receive all sorts of compliments. There’s nothing quite like finding that one-off item in an old store. Here are our top picks for online vintage stores this summer.

  • Beyond Retro

Rocking numerous retro products from labels like Adidas, Converse, Levi’s, and Puma, Beyond Retro has truly one off deals to keep you looking slick, smart, and classic this season. Fashions are cyclical, so you’ll often find what was in thirty years ago is seeing a rebirth today – just look at belt bags aka fanny packs!

  • Asos marketplace

A branch of the popular online store Asos, Asos marketplace is a slicker, newer, and modern take on vintage clothing where everything still looks pretty new. They often emphasise more independent brands as well as second held clothes. This means you’ll still find unique buys that aren’t mass-produced and worn by everyone.

  • Image result for Brag VintageBrag Vintage

Get your fill of ‘mom jeans’ and retro sportswear here. This vintage shop “brags” over 3000 items of retro clothing, from ugly sweaters to overly branded jackets and skin tight cycling shorts. Oversized and overbranded are big this season, so get your fill here.

  • Rokit

A truly mixed bag of bright colours, cute dresses, and retro designs, this place has everything from every decade. Rifle through and you’ll lay your hands on some really great finds that you can bet nobody else is wearing. The best picks from the 70s, 80s and 90s will come in handy for the season of throwback designs like oversized jumpers, asymmetrical dresses, and gingham prints.