Men’s Outfit Guide to the Casino

Image result for River Belle casinoVisiting a casino is not just about money; sometimes you need to look the part, too. Unlike online casinos like River Belle casino where you have the luxury of playing from home, when visiting a casino in person, you need to check the dress code beforehand. Here are the different dress codes for men and what they mean.

  • White tie

The most formal of all, this is often called Full Evening Dress and is at the highest end casinos. This involves tailcoats, a white shirt with wing collars and cuff links, a white vest, white bow tie, white gloves, and black patent leather shoes.

  • Black tie

Also very formal, but with a dinner jacket rather than tailcoats. In this circumstance, most men wear a tuxedo of any variation.

  • Black tie optional

Slightly less formal, although the norm is still to wear a tuxedo. If you don’t own a tuxedo, dress as formally as you can here.

  • Semi formal

A formal dark or black suit with a plain, non-patterned tie and black patent leather shoes. Not quite a tuxedo, but still pretty formal.

  • Business formal

This basically means what most men wear to work, and it includes a jacket and tie, although it depends on the venue. It’s a good idea to bring both and judge the atmosphere when you arrive.

  • Business casual

The colour code becomes a little laxer here. You can wear less formal colours and the tie is optional.

  • Casual

This can be pretty much anything, but you still want to look your best. This means no flip flops, khakis, or cargo pants!

Always be careful about what you wear to a casino as some have very strict rules and you may find yourself escorted from the premises. As long as you check before hand you should be well prepared.