General Rules for Clothing at a Casino

If you’re a newbie when it comes to casinos, you probably don’t know exactly what is expected in the clothing department. Some casinos are casual, others VIP and very formal. Here are some general hard and fast rules so your game of roulette isn’t rudely interrupted.

*Dress comfortably

No matter the dress code, you wanImage result for General Rules for Clothing at a Casinot to be comfortable. If you’re wearing a dress you constantly have to readjust or shoes you can’t walk in, you’re not going to have a good time.

  • Avoid skin, slogans, sweats

The three Ss. Revealing too much skin can be a big no no at many casinos, so dress modestly. Even if a casino allows casual attire, it’s a good idea to avoid slogans and logos on your t-shirts. Sweat pants or workout clothes are a big no no, as are flip flops. You’re still leaving the house, and it’s not to go to the gym, so dress respectably.

  • Dress up after 6pm

Generally, people dress up at casinos after 6pm. It’s often an unwritten rule, but it’s always better to be prepared. For women, an easy option is a dress, especially a knee-length or cocktail dress. For men, put on at least a shirt, wear nice shoes, and take a tie and jacket with you just in case.

  • Take options and accessories

As with the last point, it’s a good idea to take extra options with you just in case you’re under or over dressed. Accessories like a clutch bag, a tie, a dinner jacket, or a shawl can be useful if you need to dress up or dress down an outfit. Use these general rules, but also judge for yourself the general vibe of the casino once you arrive.

Each casino will have its own added rules, but these should see you in good stead.